First Steps for Rising Leaders: Navigating Pathways to Success

Katalyst 2024 aims to empower and equip undergraduate students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to embark on a fulfilling journey towards leadership and personal growth. This dynamic event focuses on illuminating the diverse pathways to success, fostering leadership potential, and cultivating a supportive network that will serve as a guiding force throughout their endeavors. Through thought-provoking workshops, inspirational talks, and interactive sessions, participants will gain valuable insights, build essential leadership competencies, and forge connections that propel them towards becoming influential leaders in their chosen fields.

About Katalyst

Designed for Korean-American undergraduate students in STEM, Katalyst 2024: Korean-American Mentorship and Leadership Immersion for Young Scientists and Technologists is a conference that provides a platform for mentorship, leadership development, career planning, and networking

Katalyst nurtures future Korean-American leaders in STEM, preparing them for their next steps after undergraduate education, whether it be in academia or industry. Participants will not only benefit from the immersive experience but also will be joining a community of Katalyst cohorts where they can continue to learn from and network with each other.

Participants are selected based on their past achievements, leadership potential, and future aspirations. Approximately 50 undergraduate student leaders will attend.

In light of reducing financial burden to individuals wanting to attend this event, we provide travel and meal support for the selected participants of the program.

Katalyst is hosted by the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA), a 501c(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1971 that serves Korean-American scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs across the United States.


Applications are currently CLOSED for presenters and is open for non-presenters only until January 15.

Please visit our "Applications" page for the application.