Information for Presenters

Avenues of Participation

Poster Session

This avenue provides an opportunity for students to present 4’x3’ printed posters on any technical or non-technical topic of choice relating to the theme of “First Steps for Rising Leaders: Navigating Pathways to Success”. Technical topics can include research projects, internship experiences, career development tips, and important trends in the STEM field. Non-technical topics can include personal finance, DEI, and hobbies. The target audience is the population of fellow undergraduate STEM students attending the Katalyst Conference. Throughout the 1 hour exhibition, the posters will provide opportunities for students to share insights and hold meaningful conversations about professional and personal topics typically not addressed in school classes. Posters must be made and presented individually. 

Oral Presentation

This presentation avenue follows the theme of “First Steps for Rising Leaders: Navigating Pathways to Success”. Undergraduate leaders within the KSEA community will have a chance to discuss their experiences in leadership in a short 5-minute oral speeches with optional presentation slides. Topics range from stepping up to leadership experiences, challenges met during leadership, and developing leadership skills to become a better leader. Presenters are highly encouraged to draw from their personal experience. The oral presentations will target the entire participant pool of Katalyst, so presentation topics that can encompass the entirety of the KSEA undergraduate student leaders is highly encouraged. Presenters can present alone or in a group of two.

Presenter Benefits

Presenters will receive:

Registration Fee

Travel Reimbursement

Travel reimbursement is distance-based, based on shortest distance from the participant's residence (where they reside > 6 months in a year) to the conference location.
Travel reimbursement is provided for flights, bus, and train only. Taxi/rideshare costs will not be reimbursed. For any questions, please contact us at

 < 100 mi:          Up to $25
100 - 299 mi:    Up to $50
300 - 749 mi:    Up to $100
750 - 1499 mi:  Up to $150
> 1500 mi          Up to $200